SB 1401 / SB 1651


  • 1-MIC & 1AUX/ Line Input chose for Balanced or Unbalance Aux/Line.
  • XLR input socket facilities for Line In &Line Out.
  • BASS, MID and TREBLE controls provide for shaping tonal Quality of music & speech as desired.
  • Horn/Speaker Switch to cut the Bass frequency when use Unit, Metal Column with LMT.
  • Equalizer / Flat Switch to by pass the tone control thus we can use External Tone Control.
  • LINE OUT for connecting additional Booster Amplifier.
  • Auto resettable electronic over load and over voltage cut off device.
  • High volt and overload alert indication LED.
  • 1, 2 & 4 ohms for direct speaker connection.
  • Speak On facilities for 1, 2 & 4 ohms direct speaker connection.
  • 70 & 100V Line for Long distance speakers connection.
  • 4" AC Fan for Forced Air Cooling.