Stabilizer for TV


Denen offers its range of Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV, LCD, CRT and music System that will protect your proucts 24/7! It protects the products from the prevailing problem of rapid voltage fluctuations and spike/surge in voltage. The Stabilizer is designed incorporating the latest technology to ensure superior protection.


  • Up to 3 Years warranty¬†
  • Micro Controller based, Peak Voltage dependent cut-off system provides extremely fast HI/LOW cut as compared to analog system.
  • Voltage Surge/Spike protector to suppress the most severe pollutant in electricity.
  • Fastest high over voltage protection to avoid damages of SMPS based power Supplies commonly used in LED/LCD/Plasma TV's, Home Theater, Computer/Mobile Charger.
  • Wall mountable to save space.

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Find the most suitable model for you
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1 year warranty on all stabilizers

Digital voltage stabilizer with spike, surge, high-low voltage and over load protection

All the below stabilizers include a 5 second countdown or initial time delay giving you an extra layer of protection.

Model Working range Capacity Application
GUARD-3 90-300V 1 Amp. LED/LCD TV upto 52 inch

Automatic Voltage regulator with High cut and overload protection 

Model Working range Capacity Application
ZIGMO-1 90-300V 200 VA CRT TV - upto 21 Inch
ZIGMO-9 90-300V 200 VA CRT TV - upto 21 Inch
ZIGMO-5 50-300V 200 VA CRT TV - upto 21 Inch

Automatic Voltage regulator with overload protection

Model Working range Capacity Application
TRAXX-1 100-280V 200 VA CRT TV - upto 21 Inch