AC Stabilizer

Denen's high-end range of AC Stabilizers is built with special focus on maximum comfort and minimum intrusion. It has the perfect combination of an elegant design, minimum sound, ease of digital display and a unique circuit using high quality raw materials for longevity of life.

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TV Stabilizer

The TV/LED Protector/Digital Stabilizers are built to ensure a protected seamless uninterrupted viewing experience. It protects the products from the prevailing problem of rapid voltage fluctuations and spike/surge in voltage.

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Fridge Stabilizer

The state of art range of Fridge Stabilizers ensures overload protection and ensures optimal functioning of all the Refrigerators to ensure best results. The technologically advanced stabilizer ensures both protection and a pleasant appearance.

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Mainline Stabilizer

Mainline Stabilizer is a multipurpose product and provides overall protection for wide variety of home appliances, water pumps etc. A wide array of mainline stabilizers available ensures that you can choose the best Stabilizer suited to your needs.

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Why us?

  • Cutting edge technology

    All our stabilizers are digital and work on the latest technology. We have a research and development team dedicated to improve our product and take it to perfection.

  • In House production

    We research, design and manufacture stabilizers in our own unit spread across 23,500 sq. units.

  • Wide range of products

    We manufacture all kinds of voltage stabilizers ranging from 200 VA to 10 KVA

  • 5 star support

    With us, you never need to worry about service & support . We guarantee top class support!

More about us

Some facts about us

  • We have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and trading Voltage Stabilizers.
  • We have manufactured more than 10,00,000 stabilizers.
  • In house production unit spread across 23,500 sq ft. ensuring both quality and price contol.
  • We support voltage range upto 10 KVA.
  • We have a skilled Research and Development team constantly innovating in its strive for perfection.
  • We have our sales and support network across more than 25 cities and towns across India.

Become our dealer

You can just give us a call 1800 11 5878