Battery charger for e-rickshaw


E-Rickshaw charger is designed to give power to your e-rickshaw battery. Pre-programmed multi-stage charging profile, initial de-sulphation ensures cell-balancing & longer battery life. the charger prevents over-heating and over-charging of battery.


  • CCCV(constant current constant voltage) type charging
  • Battery Reverse Protection by DC Fuse
  • Cooling by additional fan is helpful to long run
  • Solar Charging & DC Output Socket
  • Thermal shutdown to protect over-charge
  • Protection against overload and short circuit
  • Protection against input high voltage
  • Inrush current limiting by delay and soft start
  • Multi stage charging reduces over-heating of charger
  • Over temperature cut off to shut down output voltage
  • Battery voltage and charging current displaying one by one
  • Using seven segment digital display


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LED/CFL Inverter 

ModelOutput Voltage(DC)Capacity(MAX)ApplicationsBattery System
INDUS-43220V±10%45 WattsLED / CFL12 VOLT 7Ah